"Thinking, starting out, struggling, fighting, growing each day, falling and getting up again, keeping going, walking, running, stopping, continuing along the path.
Feeling good, laughing, being happy, feeling bad, crying, suffering. Getting moving again, creating, feeling excitement, breaking the mold, coming back, creating, falling again and getting up again.
This is the process that defines our work, our philosophy.
Transforming the process into a magical path, taking you to a perfect place, helping you to remember feelings and scents, bringing something static to life. Allowing you to see, feel and experience your significant events through our eyes.”



Love was what made me quit my teaching career. Not just one, but two loves: photography and my other half. I'm a curious, creative person who likes to cook while listening to Jorge Drexler's music, to pass the time creating new things, black and white photography and enjoying a beer while watching the sunset. I love architecture, design, handcrafts and spending time with my little pets: my dog Sully and my cat Frida.

 I'm both organized and disorganized at the same time, noise sets my nerves on edge, I hate running out of battery (although it happens every day), and I can't help but laugh when I find something funny.


Cris introduced me to the world of photography. Little by little it became one of my favorite hobbies and eventually it turned into a real job. 

What I like most in life is a good book and a good nap (but not too long). I'm allergic to almost everything. I can't stand untidiness, I have a dark sense of humor, and irony is my strong point.